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New Album "The Runs" Out Everywhere Now!

         Our sophomore album "The Runs"is out everywhere! You can stream it now by clicking here. You can also order a copy of the CD or Vinyl now on our merch page. Or by clicking one of the pictures below. This album took us about 4 years to write and record. we also spent a lot of time shooting music videos and creating a lot of art and content to go with it. We have 200 copies of our album printed on transparent blue color vinyl available for order now. make sure to grab one because they will go fast and they won't be reprinted anytime soon. they also say limited edition on the back cover. so they will be rarer then Pokemon cards one day. Anyway buying a CD or Vinyl will just help us pay for our next EP which we are going to get right to work on and hopefully deliver more music for everyone in one year instead of four!

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About Shoelace

         This music video was shot on 16mm motion picture film. this is the first ever video we have done on real film. It was a very ambitious shoot because every second filmed was money and film spent. But it was a lot of fun and a good exercise in filming the old fashioned way. we shot this over the span of a few month in the summer of 2022. we are very stoked to finally share this with everyone. 

Best Days Official Video! 

About Best Days

This music video was one of the most ambitious music videos we made. It took a few weeks to shoot at the end of last summer. It was super fun to make but also a headache planning out some of the shots. Watch the behind the scenes video below!


The song is about being nostalgic for the past while letting the present slip by. People are busy trying to live in the past reminiscing and being nostalgic about things from 10-20 years ago. Not realizing they will be looking back at now in just a few years with the same feelings. "Best Days" is about how we are living the best days of our lives everyday just live in the present and enjoy life.

Dislexic is out now! 

About Dislexic

This is the first music video we shot with our new cinema camera. so if you noticed the quality has gotten better that is why! music videos are super important to us so we decided to invest in our videos by upgrading to a professional camera.


We shot this music video at our favorite local breakfast joint. its called little lasse's. they were nice enough to let us shoot a video there and it came out exactly how we planned. This was the first music video we wrote a script for and it made the recording and editing so much smoother. everything just fell into place because it was written out, every two seconds of the song had a shot planned for it. it was a lot of fun to shoot.


The song is about when two people have feelings for each other but neither of them know it. completely oblivious of the signs. its not until time passes that you realize how blind you where.

"Reruns" Official Video

The Story Behind Reruns 

Reruns is the first single off of our sophomore album. We shot the music video over the span of a year and a half. We had a lot of fun in the process, making it up as we went along. Since this song is one of the first we wrote for the album we have been playing it for a long time. We figured it would be the perfect song for the first single. We were only halfway done writing the album when we recorded this song and started shooting the music video. 

First we shot the performance shots before we even had a concept for the video. We rented time in a studio and shot for a few hours. We got a ton of footage that we never even used. We ended up going with the only take we shot on a tripod because later on we decided to play the footage through the TV. The tripod shot was the only one that made sense to play through the TV while the background was changing rapidly. So luckily we got that shot otherwise we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Anyway months go by and its summer of 2020 when we came up with the rest of the music video concept. Jimmy Barbetti directed the video and he came up with the concept while chilling at the local skate park. He figured building a room in the bowl would make for a good set piece for the video. So in the beginning of that summer Jimmy shot all the scenes at the skate park. We found that rug and old chair on Facebook marketplace. Collecting all the stuff for the room felt like a scavenger hunt. Also that little table for the TV had to be custom fitted to stand in the bowl like that. Two of the legs had to be cut down to level out the table to hold the TV.


For the rest of the summer Jimmy went all around with the tv filming the footage playing through it. He had to deal with having a tv and a bunch of wires in the back seat of his car for over a year. Just getting the tv to work is a story in itself. "The tv is from the 70s or something and all it had in the back was screws for an antenna. So I had to attach an adapter then plug in like 4 different converters and sets of wires just to get it to hdmi and plug it into a laptop. Then I plugged everything into a generator and filmed the screen. I had to put all of that together and take it apart for each shot I did. so you could imagine it was a lot of work." Jimmy brought the tv all around town and to NYC and wherever he saw a cool scene to place it in. Since it took so long to film we ended up getting all of the changing seasons in the video. which was a nice touch that added more depth to the video . We recently invested in a brand new cinema camera for our music videos. This video wasn't shot on that except for two or three shots (one of them being the highway shot) you can tell the difference in the colors. Anyway since this video took so long to make it was shot mostly on our old camera. The next video we are releasing was shot on our new cinema camera so get stoked for that! its going to look like a movie! Lots more to come stay tuned and thanks for watching!


We are a 100% DIY pop punk band! we make all our own shit! welcome to our website!

Music video  for the song "Get Bent" Off of our EP Hi-Tri [sample]

This is a compilation video of a bunch of shows we played out of state and at our local skate park. a lot of random clips we gathered over the year while working on the EP. 

 Music video  for the song "TV Dinner" Off of our EP Hi-Tri [sample]

We painted a whole room and shot a music video in it! It took about three months for Jimmy to paint the room. Then we threw a party and invited people to be in the video. It was a lot of fun to film and we are super stoked about how it came out! Enjoy!

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